Monday, July 11, 2011

pre-birthday cupcake fiesta.

Mini visit home. 
Too mini for my taste.

I mostly spent the time with my sweet mama. 
Shopping, talking, shopping some more, eating, shopping some more, 
and surprise pre-birthday cupcake party. 
(The reason we shopped so much is because mom really wanted me to buy something for my bday, but I couldn't find anything I really liked. I'm just going to say it- Lubbock's shopping sorta sucks. But you've gotta love mom's persistence. She's a fighter. Love her.)


Isn't this a sweet cupcake? It was pink champagne, but don't worry- I'm pretty sure it was alcohol free.

Thinking of my wishes took me longer than I think it ever has,
 I think I thought of the best three birthday wishes I ever have.

yummy, no? brother ordered the bacon cupcake... I still don't know how I feel about it.

Life at home is so sweet. 
Literally, for me.

Miss it already.


  1. Happy Birthday, Alyssa! I'm glad you had such a fun time in Texas, but we missed you here!


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