Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear August,

You stress me out. Now that I think about it though, I think I say that to all of your monthly sisters. But you are especially stressful. You include the beginning of graduate school, editing photos from a magnificent wedding, and a big move into a new (and very tiny) apartment. We're a little homeless right now August- living with family and friends until our apartment finally opens up for us. It's nice. But stressful.

There are different ways to handle stress. Mine- the most unhealthy- has very much to do with shopping. I've bought the most adorable pair of boots, August. I can't wait to wear them when the leaves start to turn. The other day, Gideon and I were driving, and he looked over to see me smiling in a sort of trance. He asked me what I was thinking about, and startled, I responded, "my new boots." I love them. There's something about you, august. Something that makes me want to go school shopping. So I guess I love you after all, even though you stress me out.

ps- I had no idea how friggin hot Salt Lake City is, August! Is there any way you could turn the thermostat down? I'm dyin' here.

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