Friday, August 12, 2011

I might need a machete.

I don't get it. Do you need to pass some sort of jerk test to get a utah drivers license? It's like all of the crap drivers of the world migrate to the Salt Lake Valley so they can all be together in some sort of crazy maniac festival. I've heard people talk badly about Utah drivers for years, but I always assumed it wasn't the drivers in Utah that they hated; it was just Utah/Utahans in general.

At first I thought it was fine- but I've changed my mind.  In the past week I've seen a whole lotta craziness:

- high speed police pursuit- check.
- zooming semis almost killing me- check check.
- had some loser cut the crap off me- check check check.
- seen like 3 or 4 cars in a row run a red light (do they not see it, or is there a grace period seven seconds after the light has illuminated red? - check.

Here's the thing: 
A- I can't really be like, "man, all utah drivers are total losers"- because it's only a matter of time before I'm officially one of them. (Actually, I think technically, I am one of them.)

B- about 40% of my best friends live here... and I know they're good drivers (at least most of them).

C- I'm kinda stressed out with classes starting soon and waiting for our apartment to open up, so I could kinda see myself over reacting to someone not using his blinker.

.... Hopefully I'm just a little testy right now. Sorry I was talking about using a machete in the title. Over reactor much?

(ahem) Good things about utah transportation so far:

-the trax seem pretty sweet I guess.

-bikers seem to be pretty respected (except that one guy I saw today who almost got ran over about 3 times in 20 seconds.) I'd say Boise is better for bikers than Utah, but Utah is way better for bikers than Texas.

-.... mmm, I'll think of some more later.

ps- doesn't this traffic jam look like fun?


  1. Bah! Salt Lake drivers are the worst. It's totally not everywhere in Utah, but when I'm in SLC to Provo area, I feel endangered because I'm the only one going the speed limit! They don't understand speed limits, construction zones, and they have no clue that the carpool lane is neither a passing lane nor an excuse to go 15 mph over the limit!!! I feel your pain.

  2. welcome to zion. It only gets worse....


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