Saturday, August 6, 2011

Part II. (Wedding Photo Overload Warning)

Ok. So lets talk about wedding photography. Its awesome, its beautiful, and its the most important day for two people who are being photographed (and usually their mothers). 
It's lovely. It's also THE most stressful thing ever. Any fellow photographers agree? 

I don't think I've ever woke up on the day of a wedding job, and thought, "I have absolutely nothing to be worried about." Because I am worried. 
Have you heard wedding photography nightmare stories? I have. 

 Witness #1 - my photographer sucked. Bad.

 Witness #2 -my photographer let her niece hold the camera for a second and all of my pictures got deleted accidentally. 

Witness #3- My photographer didn't have an external hard drive, and after her computer crashed, all of my photos were lost.

Witness #4- (my favorite) my photographer just disappeared after the wedding. After I paid. Phone number is disabled; no way to contact her, and no photos from the most important day of my life. 

I've had real people tell me all of these things, and each time I hear a nightmare like these I'm worried its going to jinx me into being one of those photographers (obviously not the last one. ...maybe.). 
So I feel like its a natural reaction that weddings stress me out. I'm always feeling sick before them, during them, and after them. Including my own. And I didn't even have to shoot that one.

"So why do you keep photographing them then, Alyssa?? Why do you put yourself through it?" 

This is why:

Pure gorgeousness, people. The wedding day may stress me out, but the aftermath is so fun. I love editing photos from a good shoot.

 Love me some cute girls eating some lunch.

I was literally teary eyed as I photographed the mother of the bride read a poem she wrote about her daughter's courtship to the groom and the proposal story.

Love groomsman who have personality. (To say the least)

And little girls who were literally either screaming their heads off, or being too cute for words at any given moment during the day.

I had to wipe a few crumbs off my lens after this...

 ...and can you believe this slip? 

Love tender candids.

And funny family faces.

...and sooner than later, it all begins again.
Doesn't this remind you of harry potter? 

If you would have asked me the day of the wedding if I was in a hurry to do another wedding shoot, I might have rolled my eyes....

...but right now I'm thinking they're kind of fun.

...only a wedding this magical could do that to me so quickly.


  1. These are beautiful pictures! I hope you guys are doing well and getting all settled in. Can't wait to see pictures of your new boots. Missing you friend!

  2. HEY!!! for a second I thought those comments were YOUR thoughts on your photographer + my heart stopped. haha We should shoot together since you're in Utah now. What do you think?? I would like to team up with you.

  3. Oh Stephanie Patterson. I'm so glad you were there for our wedding. We loved jordi's pictures, but all of our favorites came from your camera. Haha- I'm sorry you thought I was talking about you for a second! I would love to shoot with you! (Definitely an upgrade to work with such talent...) I'll have to email you with details. :)

  4. Awesome photos -- I loved the coloring and staging of the pre-bridals. Your "candid" shots are just amazing -- so impressive!


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