Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pet Peeves.

I just gotta get them out. Forgive me.

In No Particular Order:

-animals dressed as humans (I guess it freaks me out more than anything...)
-Bad drivers. Like really bad. Like multiple violations in a day and they don't notice it, bad.
-When people put their luggage on the seat next to them trying to discourage others from sitting next to them.
-indifferent ignorance.
-people who victimize themselves. (ex: "My life sucks, because this happened to me." "...actually you did that to yourself. Stop complaining and do something about it.")
-UGG boots with mini skirts. 
-Lack of manners: ignoring questions/ mumbling/ not saying your pleases and thank yous. Rude people drive me nuts.
-Needy girls who can't be independent.
-Yappy dogs.
-pictures of people that they took themselves. In the mirror... (we all do it, but don't POST it. Or heaven forbid, FRAME it.)
-Tantrums (especially by adults. especially by female adults) I try not to, but I think I'm harder on girls than boys.
-Mean people.  
-Being two (or three or four or five) faced. Fakeness = Not cool, man.
-When people misspell things on purpose. (ex. "kewl")
- When people buy a digital camera, have zero training and declare themselves "professional", and start charging people! Take a class, or better yet teach yourself something before you begin charging. (Cringe)
-When people don't use the right "their, they're, or there's". Elementary school, people.
- Skanks.
-over sharing via facebook status. It's like a diary for some people! (more like diarrhea...)
- adult cartoons. (family guy, simpsons, south park... I like my cartoons to be free of nudity, and profanity please.) 
-Perfume by crappy celebrities. (Don't encourage them, people.)

ok. I feel better now. sorry if that got ugly for a second.


  1. I like this. I'm glad you voice such things!

  2. Hahaha, I agree with most of those. Except yappy dogs. I can just ignore those pretty easily. Oh and "When people put their luggage on the seat next to them trying to discourage others from sitting next to them"... I might have done that a few times.
    I like your blog!! It's way "kewl". :P

  3. I can't stand when people victimize themselves, either. And those people who put their things in the seat next to them! especially on the bus, when it's packed full of people and everyone is standing, and a few people have two (or something THREE!) seats to themselves and their crap. Rawr!

    Now your pet peeves list has me thinking about all the things that tick me off, haha


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