Monday, August 29, 2011

Reasons I'm the luckiest girl:

1. When I have a rough afternoon, I have a tall, loving
handsome boy happy to sweep me up and make me forget I had ANY reason to be sad.

2.  ... I don't think I actually need a number 2.

I know it's rather prejudice, but I think he's the best in the world. 
Certainly the best in the world for me. 

I was having a conversation with a dear friend the other day, and we got to talking about soul mates. I would never have described Gid as a soulmate of mine; we've far too many differences. For example- he likes to enrich his life with meaningful study chalk full of purpose, and I-- I just really like Jackie Chan movies. (HOR-rible plots, but fan-taasss-tic fight scenes. You don't watch a jackie chan movie for the stunning cinematography or the phenomenal acting...) 

In so many ways, Gid and I are night and day. Perhaps I'm the night. But maybe he's the twinkling glimmer of a north star. He completes the picture. Thank heavens I didn't marry a fellow night. I might not have such lovely stars. 

I'm really tired right now friends, and I'm sure this makes no sense whatsoever; I'll probably wake up in the morning and delete it all when I see all of the bad grammar and random metaphors.

My point is- I love my guy.

ps- Kala, you can puke all you want. I seriously do not care.

Have a Happy Monday, friends.

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