Sunday, September 25, 2011

back from the dead/dance studio...

Oh, friends. What a bizarre and magnificent month of graduate school its been. I've been afraid to visit this online journal-- and I'm not really sure why. There's simply no time to go to my technique and lecture classes, be a wife, make dinner, fulfill callings, keep up on readings, and homework and write in my blog, you know? I was sorta thinking maybe I'd just delete my blog, not because I don't care, but just because when I'm purging time consumers in my schedule, blogging sort of falls low.

Speaking of priorities: I've been way too into shoes lately, friends...

Thanks to my jenny for her sweet persuasion that I continue my writing. 

Warning: there's probably going to be a lot of posts filled with grad school drama, obsessive love of the new season we're in, and tons and tons and tons about dance.... just warning you.

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! First, a Yay about POSTING! Second, a yay that you'll be talking about DANCING! And third, aww shucks a shout out to me!! So good seeing you, and it will happen again dispite crazy grad school schedules.

    PS you're amazing and really incredible and smart and beautiful and lovely!


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