Sunday, September 25, 2011

MFA Modern Dance 101:

Top Ten Things I've Learned in 
Month #1 of Grad School:

1. Undergrad= more socially and physically draining.

Grad school = more emotionally and intellectually draining. (... ok, and physically draining too actually)

2. My body has been so good to me. I should be so much more sore than I have been. 
And yet, holy snap--  I am so sore lately.

3. Turns out, I do sweat.

4. I neeeeed 8 or 9 hours of sleep, or I will not make it through my first technique class.

5.  Having live music to dance to, somehow is the coolest thing. Ever. 
I never want to dance to anything but live music ever again...

6.  When I dance alot, I eat alot. Yeesh.

7.  I care waayy too much what other people think about me.

8.  The University of Utah's facility is the friggin' nicest building dedicated to dance (that's right folks- the whole building is ours) I've ever seen. Not to mention the incredible faculty. And not to mention the sweet curriculum. Basically my life is awesome.

9. I'm always going to be super busy with homework, class preparation, stretching, and bubble baths. Goodbye to the majority of my favorite shows on hulu...

10.  I'm a better dancer than I thought I was. 
I'm not saying I'm good; just better than I thought I was.


  1. Go Alyssa go! I'm excited you decided to continue sharing your journey with the blogosphere! You're doing something many can't or many of us wish we had the talent for! I'm excited to see photos or videos at some point!

  2. I am so excited for you! And extremely happy you are still blogging. I love number 10, I always new that you were better than you thought you were and guess what? I know you are still better than you think you are now. You are amazing! Love you!


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