Thursday, October 13, 2011

View from the top.

Did you guys know Gideon is working downtown at church headquarters? He is. He just picked up the sweet gig like the second week we were here. My husband is awesome. Anyway, one benefit I get as his spouse is free tours of all the coolness down in temple square.

(Another benefit is free parking underneath the conference center which led to us 
running into a bunch of apostles in between sessions of conference. I nearly passed 
out I was so excited. Seriously. I got light headed.)  

Anyway, yesterday Gid took me around the underground tunnels, showed me his office in the church history building, annnnddd we got have a little tour that went to the top of the church office building observatory (I think 27 floors up). 

Everything looks different from up top.

Doesn't the conference center look teenie? 

...and how about the temple?

How sweet is that? 
Pretty sweet.

And as I was looking at sweet salt lake from the top, I noticed the 
extreme difference between Gid and my shoes.

We're so different. 

I just love him.

Have a happy thursday, friends.


  1. So this might totally weird you out, but this is Brooke Child... (little brooke johnson from dance alliance) and I came across your blog on Lorraine's blog and well now I look at it often. I don't usually post comments on people's blogs, but when I found out that gideon is working at church headquarters, then I couldn't resist- IT IS NOW OFFICIAL- GIDEON WILL BECOME AN APOSTLE!!!! just wanted to get that out there.
    thanks for letting me get a glimpse of your life every once in a while- miss you guys!


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