Sunday, November 27, 2011

holiday love.

I shouldn't have been putting up twinkle lights. 
I should've been studying for an horrific kinesiology final. 

Yet there I was- meticulously inserting holly berries into any location that I thought would be cute, and putting twinkle lights everywhere I could think of.

Even from outside our tiny apartment looks so friendly.

Oh friends. There is nothing in the world like putting up Christmas decor to ella fitzgerald while you sip raspberry hot chocolate (with extra creamy whipped cream and carmel drizzled over it). 
Sidenote- I'm not planning on weighing myself tonight.

 I was able to wait till after Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. 
It's sort of a miracle.

Anyway, like I said. I should've been studying more than I have tonight. 

Somehow it didn't happen. 

 I suppose I got distracted.
(Goodness, he's handsome.)

 Happy beginning of the holidays, friends.

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