Saturday, November 5, 2011

...we woke up to snow.

...and so we built a snow man. You guys- it was epic. Taller than gid (he's marking where the hat sat on the snowman). I ran inside to grab the camera, and when I came out, there was a sad pile of snow with a guilty looking husband standing over it. It's all for the best. We were a little worried it could've smashed some unmonitored toddler.

I can see it now on the front page of the newspaper:

Anyway, we rebuilt a more reasonable sized snowman. He's wearing a hat and an apron- a subtle message than men shouldn't feel like helping with household chores is inappropriate.

Building him reminded me of old calvin and hobbes cartoons- anyone else read those non-stop growing up?

1st box: calvin (to suzie)- what's wrong with your snowman?
suzie- it's a snow woman.

2nd box: calvin's mom- I don't care- 
we're not having an anatomically correct snowman in the front yard.

(Calvin's dad-"He know's I hate this")

calvin's dad: eggplant casserole tonight?
calvin's mom: why, yes!

If you haven't read calvin and hobbes, you need to.

I think he's very friendly, wouldn't you agree?

... and I have a cute husband.

Notice the little villagers at my feet? They were inspired by this cartoon:

When we were done we came into our warm home and made hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls while we listened to some jazz music with a subtle christmas hint...

life is good.

Have a happy saturday, friends.


  1. Oh, I loved Calvin and Hobbes! And the Snowman cartoons were always my favorite. :)

  2. Marley loved your snowman. She was looking at the pictures and said, "Cute Snowman."

  3. The only thing the equals Calvin and Hobbes is The Far Side.

  4. alyssa! i love it. terribly cute. i have never made a snowman...this winter it is happening...we'll see if ours is as good as yours ;)


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