Sunday, December 25, 2011

dear christmas 2011,

thank you for bringing us a white christmas. 
even though we're in texas.

thank you for bringing my sweet family together. 
including (perhaps especially) my sweet niece and nephew.

thank you for the unforgettable Christmas morning memories, full of pjs, giggles, and bad cases of bedhead.

(winner of best morning hair)

(grandma is singing a song. naomi is clapping along- and gabe seems a little confused...)

(gabe loves playing with anyone's toes. naomi does not like having her toes played with...)

thank you for giving me good reason to watch "Its a Wonderful Life". 
three times. 
so far. 

I cry every time, but thanks just the same.

thank you for another holiday season with my handsome sweet husband. 
can not believe its our third christmas as a married couple.

2011 Christmas- you're my favorite Christmas so far.

Be sure to have an extra thank you in your prayers tonight, friends. 
A lovely Christmas to you all.


  1. I loved looking through this little window into your lovely life, and your lovely Christmas. Thanks for sharing! I also cried while watching "It's a Wonderful Life" this year, and I can't believe the length of your niece's eye-lashes.

  2. Merry Christmas Alyssa, and may I say you and Gid are a picture PERFECT couple. I swear, I look at your blog the way I would watch a really happy romantic movie about a perfect couple (did I say perfect already?)


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