Saturday, December 31, 2011

a new year.

I have to admit: 2011 was rougher than anticipated. 

There were some truly fantastic experiences Gid and I were able to share, but in hindsight I'd have to say I'm glad to have a new year to look forward to.

I can't explain it, but I have the most delightful anticipation for the upcoming twelve months. I don't usually feel particularly excited, but this year I do. (odd- since a lot of people think this is a bad year, with the world ending and all...)

I got the most beautiful 2012 calendar from my parents for christmas. Don't you love looking at brand new calendars? I love looking at the pages of the future and wondering what will happen on those days.

Normally, I don't make new years resolutions; or if I do, they're half hearted cliched repeats of the last 15 years: 

"Go running."
"Eat less."
"Only drink water." 

They never last more than a few weeks. I'm actually quite proud of myself every time for making it as long as I do. I have a nasty adoration for eating often, drinking various sweet things and above all else: not running...)

Resolutions don't work, wouldn't you agree? It seems like an awfully good way to disappoint yourself during january. At least, that's how I've felt in the past.

This year is different. 

My mind is wild with exciting challenges to give myself; ways that I can become the best person I can possibly be. Looking in the mirror, something about myself even seems the tiniest bit different. More of a sparkle in my eye? (Probably not with the sleep I've been getting lately.) Maybe a little more determination? A hint of mischievousness? (Gid would say that's always been there...)

Perhaps its the excitement of setting the sparklers off tonight.

Perhaps its the anticipation of being kissed at 11:59:59 PM by a handsome man with green eyes.

Perhaps its the joy of being able to dance for yet another lovely 365 days.

Perhaps its the realization of just how unbelievably wonderful my life really really is.

Whatever the reason for my new year jitters, 
I'm just so happy for it to be January already.

Have a lovely new years dear friends,

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