Monday, January 9, 2012

so many friggin' choices...

Friends. Please help me on the exciting adventure of finding the perfect case for my new phone.
You don't have to- but don't you want to?

No? Dang.

...please? Just vote on the comments.

A: we have the world traveler...

B: the reading enthusiast? 

C: ... the dreamer?

D: chevron print. with something in the background. can't tell.

E: What the? Disregard this; I have no idea how it got up on here....

F: Little printy print.

G: hrmmm... this might send a message about me that I don't want.

H: Don't make me cry, disney...

I: kinda cool?

....and if you think these are all lame, feel free to check out to make recommendations. 

I'll understand if you don't comment, friends. 

But you probably should, because the fate of the case of my phone rests in your fingertips.

Happy Monday night!


  1. Dude, I love the llama. Get the llama.

  2. I vote the dreamer! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully!

  3. i would totally choose H...or you should get an X-men one. yeah.

  4. I like the Up and the dreamer!

  5. love the map and the printy print one! the chevron one looks like a tree in the background. also, you can get a root case from my hubs biz! they are cool and made with real wood :) good luck!

  6. I love C. And I agree with Megan that D is tree branches in the background. Of all the decisions to be worried about making Alyssa. "Should I move and go to grad school?" no problem. :)

  7. D, F, and I. I LOVE the Chevron with the tree in the background. Congrats on a new phone too!

  8. C or H They look like they could take you somewhere. Aunt Janet


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