Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Day, Friends! I thought you may enjoy some fun facts about today's holiday. You know leap years only happen every four years. But did you know we have leap years because it takes the Earth 365 1/4 days to orbit around the sun — minus 11 minutes every year? Because of that 11 minutes, we skip scheduled leap days three times in 400 years.

Did you know in Scotland it's considered bad luck to be born on Leap Day? Here in the U.S. it's just considered a novelty to be 1/4 your real age.

Finally- did you know February 29 was the one day an Irish woman could propose to a man — and he'd be fined if he refused? Did you know that? 

Thinking about how there won't be a february 29th for another four years.  Wondering what changes in my life will have come to pass by the time the next one comes. Ever do that? It's fun. By next leap year I'm hoping to have lots and lots of baby gideon and alyssas. I'm also hoping to have traveled around the world a few times. I'm hoping to start a ridiculously awesome dance company (as long as I'm dreaming)... 

Also- I'd like to have had a ride on a hot air balloon. 

I like leap day.
 It's like dream day. 

But I guess every day is basically dream day. 

Well, that's all. I've got a paper to write, and a back to ice.

Hope you ladies are being creative with your proposals today.


  1. Alyssa you know if you want to have a whole litter of baby Gid's and Alyssa's by 2016 you need to start soon and you also need to have a couple sets of twins. So good luck :) Twin pregnancy is rough! Happy leap day.

  2. Whitney. You bring up a very good point. We'd better get started immediately. Hope you are as lovely as you look. <3

  3. man! i sort-of missed it. haha :)


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