Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines 2012.

Gid made valentines super special for us this year. Since I have an evening class on tuesdays, he surprised me by taking me to a swanky restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith building downtown. "The Roof" turned out to be very nice with tasty food. Here's a few pictures from our Monday night outing:

love this building.

...never been to the top before, though!

The view from our table. 

handsome sweet boy.

Such a fun night.

After such an extravagant Monday, we both agreed that we'd be doneish with the valentines holiday. 

I say "doneish" because we all know valentines is never over on the 13th of February.

I made gid a romantic heart pepperoni pizza.

(almost as good as the evening before)

And he got me lovely flowers.

I wrote him a love letter, 
cut it into a puzzle, 
attached clues to it,
 and sent him on a scavenger hunt while I was in my philosophy evening class.

He figured it out. 

And to top it all off- we used leftover balloons from Mimi's birthday party.
I think they still look good, don't you?

All in all- best Valentines yet. Love my guy.

How did you spend 
your valentines holiday friends?

Happy Wednesday.

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