Wednesday, February 1, 2012

valentines crafty time much?

Okay friends, I'm trying not to be overly proud of myself for doing this, but I kind of am.

I prouuuudly presennnnnt:

Don't you love it, friends? I do. I think I'm going to keep it up long after the 14th.

Who would've known that a few pieces of pink and cream felt with yarn threaded through could brighten an apartment so much? 

Sooo easy too!

As I put up the little pink hearts, I found myself noticing everything in our sweet apartment with new eyes. 

How I love the memories that our pictures and other decor hold.  

The candles on top of the bookcase? A christmas present a few years ago from my best friend, Brittany. The sign that says "To love and to cherish from this day forward"? A wedding present from my sweet Aunt Patti. The framed flowers? From a little girl after our final show in Saratov, Russia. I pressed, framed them and plan to keep them as I grow old. She'll never know how dear they are to me. A million other memories in this picture alone from dear loved ones and family.

Here we have a picture that includes my very favorite souvenir ever. 

Did I mention I made a matching wreath?

Life is oh so lovely. 
The end. 

Have a happy wednesday, friends.

ps- For those of you who were wondering which phone cover I picked: 
I know, I know- it's not even one of the ones I had you vote on. 
Twas a last minute find, and once I saw it, I fell in love.
Happy day to you all.


  1. aww Alyssa! I miss you so much! We need to get together soon love! Your apartment is as cute as ever and I am digging your garland! I may have to try it out myself.... love you!

  2. super cute garland! You did a great job!


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