Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Reasons I Got Out of Bed This Morning...

1. It wasn't snowing.

2. It's saturday. (No one will force me into pink tights... No one will force me into pink tights...)

3. If today is saturday, it means my sister and her adorable baby are finally back from hawaii, and I get to pick them up at the airport! Maybe I'll just stay there and get on the first flight to paris. Or london. Or south africa. (sigh)

4. Pretty sure I'm going to the mall later too... Having one of those days where I need to vent via window shopping)

5. Hot shower in the morning. Bubble bath in the afternoon.

6. Gotta make me some dances. Thank you pink martini.

7. Red vines in the cupboard. Thank you plastic sugar.

8. Need to catch up on hulu. And try not to stop by redbox. (...don't you hate that moment when you realize you're wayy too interested in the internet? And don't you HAAATE that moment when you realize you really would be a good netflix customer? (sigh))

9. I'm considering exercising today. No one hold your breath.

10. Laundry. With my new washing machine, george. I'm serious. That got me out of bed this morning.

Here's to lazy saturdays friends.

ps- I had a dream that for my next birthday (not for several months) I had a french themed party. What do you think friends? I think I just may do it.

1 comment:

  1. Ill see you in less than a week!!! Thats a reason to get out of bed!


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