Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oh friends. We got a new addition to our 480 square feet. 
May I introduce to you-- our washer. 

We've named him george. 

Enjoy some before and after pictures, will you?

(these are photos from my phone- please excuse the poor quality)



I know the coloring is weird in this picture, but it was the only one I liked on instagram. We bought George for a vvveerrry reasonable price from a couple who is moving out of our apartment complex. 

I love him already. I sort of picture him as a little butler in the corner, washing my leotards for free. Have I mentioned we don't pay utilities here? We don't. This makes George a very worthy investment. 

Just added some shelves, and some old pictures from my college days (remember these, brittany?). 
And Voila! You have our sweet little laundry nook.

I insisted to Gid that I needed spanish glass bottles to put detergent in.
"It's for decor's sake!" I begged. 

I am one lucky woman. 

(I found the bottles for $2 a piece at World Market in case you're wondering)

Then I got a measuring spoon to complete the look,
even though we never use it.

And now we have literally no more room for anything ever again.
I knew Thursdays were my favorite day of the week.

Anyway, isn't george the best?

Almost the weekend, friends!

ps- I hope I haven't offended any of you that 
have relatives or loved ones (or who are ) named george...


  1. I'm convinced no housewife should have to live without a washing machine or's just not right. Love the bottles too. Hooray for George!

  2. I remember these!!!! George is awesome! You have done a nice job with the place!!


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