Sunday, March 4, 2012

hair drama.

Don't you hate when you go back and forth with hair decisions? I do.

I know the majority of you are thinking to yourselves, "This is what you're stressed about, Alyssa?" And you're absolutely right. It's a ridiculous thing to be whining about. You're more than welcome to log out. 

I don't blame you. Have a lovely day.

on to annoying hair issues:

Remember this post? It was at the very beginning of The Happy Pear. I was so proud of myself. I hadn't cut my hair more than a trim for yyeeaarrs. All of a sudden, it was short. I loved it. I put it into cute little pony tails that fell out at the back.

I felt bouncy and I liked it. 

Then I decided to get gutsy. Remember this post? It was when I decided to do a pixie hair cut. I've always been a little obsessed with audrey, and I thought maybe if I cut my hair like her, I'd become her.

Needless to say, I was wrong. 

Some people actually really liked it. Mostly girls, to be honest. Some people really didn't. Mostly boys (surprise surprise)- with the exception of my sweet husband who insists he likes it both ways equally because what he really likes is my face- not necessarily the length of my hair. 

(Does anyone know of a lie detector I can rent?)

I've gone back and forth on whether I liked having a pixie cut until it reached the length it is today. I don't have many pictures of my hair at pixie length. I'm wondering if it's because I avoided being photographed because I was self conscious...

Anyway, the other day, as I was innocently browsing on pinterest, I saw them: multiple pictures, one after another of pixie hair cuts that I had to have. I silently reminded myself of those countless days that I felt like a boy with my hair that short; how I felt like I should loose weight constantly for some reason.

(did I mention I'm sipping a milkshake gid made me as I'm writing this?) 

Surely it was just a bad idea that would go away soon enough. 

Another day, I saw all sorts of cute hair styles with bangs. 
I needed them. 
(obnoxiously cliche to use zooey for a bangs inspiration picture- I know)

I went through a phase where I was pretty sure I'd make a good asymmetrical hairstyle kind of a girl...

But now I'm back to the pixie hunger.
And it's not going away.

(unfortunately, there is an awful desire to become as thin as the girls in these pictures attached to pixie hunger..)

Please, someone talk some sense into me. I happen to know several readers of this blog are unbelievably fashion/style savvy, and would so love some opinions, advice, or warning.

That is, if you have time for a really silly cause- like my hair...

of all things to be blogging about on the sabbath...

My mother would be ashamed.

(that's not true actually. My mother is crazy fashionable. 
I should call her and ask what she thinks I should do...)

Have a happy end of your weekend, friends!

ps- after some extensive searching, I found a few pictures with my hair pixie short. The two in the dance studio were taken by a sweet friend who was helping me prepare my audition piece for graduate school- so don't judge me for the lack of makeup, ok?


  1. oh my gosh, i had JUST googled "asian hair color ideas" right before i clicked on your blog. i too am having hair drama. i am most def not hairstyle savvy. so all i can say is, you seriously rock the pixie cut. i will support any decision you make when it comes to your pretty tresses.

  2. I LOVE this post for lots of reasons. One is because I've been having the same dilemma - to cut or to grow? and because when I ask Jeffree he tells me to do what will make me the happiest, because I look beautiful no matter what. He absolutely refuses to tell me which one he honestly prefers. Probably a smart tactic. But you look gorgeous pixie, so that gets my vote.


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