Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Missing Sweet Boise.

A few weeks before we left Boise, we had a dear friend do a little photoshoot for us, so we could remember the sweet city of trees. One of the perks of being a photographer are the connections I'm able to have with talented artists. 

I just have to brag about this lady for a second:

Erin and I met when we were freshmen in college. We didn't get to live together (regretting that), but my roommates and I invited her over often. She's crazy fun; I've always loved her infectious personality. Not only is Erin sweet and humble, but she's a super talented photographer. Self taught, people. 
(That's really saying something for the work she brings to the table.)

As expected, Erin did a lovely job on our photo-shoot. I'm constantly impressed with her attitude. I'm not sure if my fellow photographer friends will agree with me, but I find myself a little stressed during most photoshoots. Not Erin. Her personality is peerrrrfect for this profession.  Perfect for any kind of shoot- especially with kids- she's more patient than I thought was humanly possible. Anyway, if you didn't get the hint, I'd recommend her to anyone in the Boise area. 

I got this photograph a few months ago as kind of a sneak peak- look familiar? 
I had it as a profile picture for a while.

We tried to do a few serious photographs- like in the old days.
Right before Erin clicked the camera,
I'd taken one look at gid's face and lost it.

Super grateful she managed to catch this moment...

Captures our contrasting personalities, don't you think?

I remember when Gid and I got married, we really weren't super comfortable kissing in front of people, and it showed in the photographs. 
(Well, I can tell at least.) 

I guess we've gotten over that...

And since Gid worked in the capitol during the two years we were in Boise, we had to get some shots there. It's such a lovely building. Very nice for photographs too, I might add.

Big shout out to sweet erin for doing such a lovely job. 
We couldn't be happier with your work!

Happy Tuesday to you, friends.


  1. You made my whole day. Thanks for being such a sweet heart, I too regret we never got the chance to room together... but we'll always have Boise :)


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