Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway #2!

Hi Friends! As more than one time readers of this blog know- 
I'm not really a giveaway kinda girl. 
I've done a few, but haven't really found a passion for it... until now. 
(click on this to see which one you like the best up close) 

I'm not sure what finishing the semester did to me, but ever since turning in my last assignment I've been baking, shopping, and crafting all day long. 
Gid is actually concerned about me. 

I heard him telling his friend on the phone the other day that crafts, baking, and cute aprons are how I cope with stress... 
I can't decide if I'm flattered or annoyed by that comment.
Back to the giveaway though, yeah? 
On pinterest a few days ago I found a tutorial on how to make felt flowers for baby girl hair clips (they also works on ladies by the way).  
(I know I'm not nearly as cute as my main model...)

So I go to the craft store, and buy about 3 bucks worth of felt. 
24 hours later, I've made over 100 little felt flowers and attached them to hair clips or headbands. 
I don't know how it happened, 
but I got really obsessed with it in a short amount of time. 
My sister came over, saw the table covered in little flowers and immediately suggested I start some sort of summer booth, like lemonade, but hair accessories (which sounds cute, but I have a feeling would be suuper obnoxious). 
Instead, I thought I should have a giveaway! Surely someone who reads this blog would like some flowers either for their little one or for themselves. (I wore a one of the headbands to a party on saturday and got a ton of compliments!!) 


1. Make sure you're a follower of this blog.

2. Leave a comment of which flowers are your favorite (up to five)- or what colors you'd like (I can make a custom one for you) along with one reason you're excited for summer.

3. The winner(s) will be selected with a random number generator.

4. Giveaway closes WEDNESDAY, MAY 2ND!

Pretty simple, huh?

*I don't actually have a huge number of followers so even if you're a little bit interested, you should definitely leave a comment- chances are you'll be selected for the giveaway. If there are a lot of comments I'll have multiple winners. (I've got a lot to give away...)

Hope you're having a lovely monday, friends!

Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago...

I was preparing for my first semester of graduate school.

I was terrified. Terrified I wouldn't be good enough. Terrified to move to utah. Terrified of living in an apartment smaller than our last one. You know- its funny. Not a whole lot has actually changed. I still have days where I feel like the worst dancer ever. I still get super annoyed by lame utah drivers. And sometimes I have to go outside because our apartment is just too suffocatingly small (though impeccably decorated).

I finished my first year of grad school wednesday friends. It probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm so proud of myself. Meetings with a few of my professors reminded me of how much has changed since I entered the department of modern dance. My technique. Views on certain ideologies. My appearance (remember how I had a pixie cut last summer?).


I've changed. 

You know though- everyone changes. I still would be a different person than I was last year regardless if I was dancing my rear off every day. I guess I'm just really happy to be where I am right now- my life is sorta awesome.

Summer is almost here friends. 
I can't wait to put my sundresses and flip flops on and bask in its glory.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I just realized that its that time of year again.

It's April- the time when I look back when Gid and I were able to go to Russia on our dance company's tour.  I was browsing through some pictures and came across some that made my heart ache for those weeks. Oh, friends. If I could go back for just a minute I would.

(St. Petersburg) 

My sweet friend Jenni and I made a habit of
 taking pictures by windows, just to be silly and dramatic.


At the time, I didn't realize how much I would cherish the result of those shenanigans. 


This time of year sure makes me trunky to travel.

(our final theater in Rustov)

Someday we'll go back.
I just know it.

crapend. (crappy + weekend)

Well, this weekend has been perfectly dismal, friends. 
I promised myself I'd focus on homework the entire time, and I've stayed mostly loyal to my goal. The only problem is- when I force myself to stay inside and staring at computers and books for more than 8 hours at a time I turn into this terrifying creature who walks around in sweats like an ape and eats anything and everything in the house. 

I'm stunned that my husband is still married to me.

My main goal this weekend was to finish a major project for my teaching methods class. A few weeks ago I spent about two hours creating an outline, and then last week I spent about four hours working on developing my concept. I was pretty proud of myself and only planned on it taking maybe three hours this weekend to finish. 

Imagine my horror when I opened the document to find it still in its outline form. Four hours of work lost. Not to be defeated so easily, I downloaded file saving software and spent about an hour and a half looking up and trying every way I could find to recover lost files. 

No luck. 

So what did I do?

 I did what any independent, strong woman would do: 
I buried my face in my hands and sobbed like an two year old for about 3 minutes straight. 

Then I went to the fridge and poured myself some chocolate milk. 

Then I washed my face. 

Then I sat down and didn't stop working until that stupid assignment was done.

 I remember I started around six in the evening. And I remember around eleven I was almost done with the part that I had finished the week before. And around three in the morning, I passed out in my sweet sweet bed. I checked about 6 times today to make sure it was still saved. It is.

High point of the weekend- finishing my project. 
Actually, I take that back- my highlight of the week was showering. Bless you, sweet smelling bubbles.

Um. I take it all back- my highlight was definitely Gid sweeping me up in his arms and letting me cry till I was done being stressed about this semester wrapping up, and just happy to be held by him. That was nice. 

Hoping next weekend is better than this one,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

sisters & easter eggs

Gid and I had my sister and her sweet little family over for some easter fun.
It's no surprise that the majority of the pictures are of me and mel.

Uh. Mel had the sweetest side bun I've seen ever. 
So I took a profile silhouette picture.

...and we all enjoyed an easter themed angel food cake. 
Notice the pink, yellow and green layer? Nailed it.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

dear pen pal,

Hi. I miss you so bad. 
Your unexpected letter couldn't have come at a better time. 
A wave of memories swept by me as I read your sweet thought-out words. 

Remember that time you kidnapped me and took me out for a snow cone?
I'd had the worst day ever, and you rescued me from a self pity party in my apartment. 
(I throw the worst pity parties...)

So many good memories with you, sweet friend. FHEs.
Lunch dates. Bike rides. Walks.

Remember how we'd meet up to exercise (but then we'd just end up sitting and talking instead)?
Me too. Those were the best work outs. :)

By the way, I think your idea of being pen pals is super.
I'm actually writing you a letter today.
It probably won't make it to the post office for a ridiculous amount of time because I'm a crazy person and I'm trying to not die this semester.

Just a heads up. 
If it is late (which I'm promising myself right now it better not be) 
please know it is because I'm a crazy person, not because I don't love you like crazy...

Did I mention I miss you? You were my very best friend in boise. 
I don't care how far apart we end up- you're a kindred spirit forever.

Tell your boys I say hi. (Especially the little chunky one...)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

library love story.

She's a dear friend. Toured with her in college on the dance company. 
Deep blue eyes. Long blonde hair.
Smile that brightens a room, and a laugh that pulls you right in.

I met him through my love. They were roommates.
He was a groomsmen for us.
Funny. Sweet. Oddly awesome.

So. You can imagine our excitement when these two started dating. 
You can imagine our extra excitement when we learned that Joe decided to buy a beautiful ring.

And you can imagine our extreme excitement 
when he asked us if we'd help him with the perfect proposal. 

The stage was set: a historic library. 
A string of clues would lead her to a specific book. 
And as she read the final clue, Joe was to come out from behind a bookcase, drop to one knee, and ask Ashlei to be with him forever. It was perfect. 

We hid behind towering bookshelves for what seemed like an eternity. 

Gid was supposed to be the watchdog. 

I was supposed to snap a few pictures.

We're waiting. Still waiting. I'm trying to keep one eye on the door, so I can see when Ashlei gets there, and one eye on Joe, because I'm pretty sure he's about to hyperventilate. He's bouncing up and down like a boxer preparing for a match. Never seen him this nervous.


I see the familiar blonde hair. The sweet blue eyes. She's come. I silently prepare my camera, and sneak to the other side of the bookcase (where I've conveniently moved books to create the perfect frame to shoot through). 

She's found the book. She's flipping to the page where the final clue waits. 
I'm crouched, lens focusing, pointer finger milliseconds from snapping the first picture.

All of a sudden, this librarian dude comes from out of no where and starts showing Ashlei another book. Being polite, she lets him finish (though it was obvious she was much more interested in the book with the clue). I quickly peer over to Joe. He's clearly about to have a major meltdown. 

After Ashlei politely thanks the librarian for his help, he comes around the corner inches from my face and greets me with a loud, "well, hi there!" Trying not to snarl, I hiss "get outta here!" Then I make weird military-like gestures trying to communicate that there is a proposal going on for heavens sake.

Joe comes out. 
She sees him. 
He kneels down. 

I remember hearing her gasp. 
Seeing a glimmer of tears in Joe's eyes.
 Snapping a few pictures while I tried to keep it together.

I don't remember much after that. 
All I know, is there were happy lumps in my throat. 

And that's the beginning of this happily ever after.

The End.

All of the best in the world to the two of you.
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