Sunday, April 15, 2012

crapend. (crappy + weekend)

Well, this weekend has been perfectly dismal, friends. 
I promised myself I'd focus on homework the entire time, and I've stayed mostly loyal to my goal. The only problem is- when I force myself to stay inside and staring at computers and books for more than 8 hours at a time I turn into this terrifying creature who walks around in sweats like an ape and eats anything and everything in the house. 

I'm stunned that my husband is still married to me.

My main goal this weekend was to finish a major project for my teaching methods class. A few weeks ago I spent about two hours creating an outline, and then last week I spent about four hours working on developing my concept. I was pretty proud of myself and only planned on it taking maybe three hours this weekend to finish. 

Imagine my horror when I opened the document to find it still in its outline form. Four hours of work lost. Not to be defeated so easily, I downloaded file saving software and spent about an hour and a half looking up and trying every way I could find to recover lost files. 

No luck. 

So what did I do?

 I did what any independent, strong woman would do: 
I buried my face in my hands and sobbed like an two year old for about 3 minutes straight. 

Then I went to the fridge and poured myself some chocolate milk. 

Then I washed my face. 

Then I sat down and didn't stop working until that stupid assignment was done.

 I remember I started around six in the evening. And I remember around eleven I was almost done with the part that I had finished the week before. And around three in the morning, I passed out in my sweet sweet bed. I checked about 6 times today to make sure it was still saved. It is.

High point of the weekend- finishing my project. 
Actually, I take that back- my highlight of the week was showering. Bless you, sweet smelling bubbles.

Um. I take it all back- my highlight was definitely Gid sweeping me up in his arms and letting me cry till I was done being stressed about this semester wrapping up, and just happy to be held by him. That was nice. 

Hoping next weekend is better than this one,

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