Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway #2!

Hi Friends! As more than one time readers of this blog know- 
I'm not really a giveaway kinda girl. 
I've done a few, but haven't really found a passion for it... until now. 
(click on this to see which one you like the best up close) 

I'm not sure what finishing the semester did to me, but ever since turning in my last assignment I've been baking, shopping, and crafting all day long. 
Gid is actually concerned about me. 

I heard him telling his friend on the phone the other day that crafts, baking, and cute aprons are how I cope with stress... 
I can't decide if I'm flattered or annoyed by that comment.
Back to the giveaway though, yeah? 
On pinterest a few days ago I found a tutorial on how to make felt flowers for baby girl hair clips (they also works on ladies by the way).  
(I know I'm not nearly as cute as my main model...)

So I go to the craft store, and buy about 3 bucks worth of felt. 
24 hours later, I've made over 100 little felt flowers and attached them to hair clips or headbands. 
I don't know how it happened, 
but I got really obsessed with it in a short amount of time. 
My sister came over, saw the table covered in little flowers and immediately suggested I start some sort of summer booth, like lemonade, but hair accessories (which sounds cute, but I have a feeling would be suuper obnoxious). 
Instead, I thought I should have a giveaway! Surely someone who reads this blog would like some flowers either for their little one or for themselves. (I wore a one of the headbands to a party on saturday and got a ton of compliments!!) 


1. Make sure you're a follower of this blog.

2. Leave a comment of which flowers are your favorite (up to five)- or what colors you'd like (I can make a custom one for you) along with one reason you're excited for summer.

3. The winner(s) will be selected with a random number generator.

4. Giveaway closes WEDNESDAY, MAY 2ND!

Pretty simple, huh?

*I don't actually have a huge number of followers so even if you're a little bit interested, you should definitely leave a comment- chances are you'll be selected for the giveaway. If there are a lot of comments I'll have multiple winners. (I've got a lot to give away...)

Hope you're having a lovely monday, friends!


  1. I like the blue one with the pearl in the center, the red and white one with one leaf, and I also like the ones with three flowers. If I were to win I would perhaps like them in that same blue, seafoam green, and a light pink... and one thing I am SUPER EXCITED for this summer... I'M GETTING MARRIED!! I could see myself rocking one of these at the wedding, or having my two maids of honors wearing them...

    I love you and think this is totally adorable!

  2. !!!!!!! I want one for who hopefully is a little girl in my belly! I find out in 2 weeks! I like the blue one with the pearl centre and I like the cream one with multiple pearls on the centre. I really just love ALL of them!!

  3. Love the blue and the red. My favorite is the one (how do you even describe felt flowers?!!) where the layers of felt are in big waves back and forth... I also heart the groups of 2 and 3.

  4. Alyssa Tolman! Is there anything you can't do? Don't answer that. I don't think I want to hear the answer. I'm afraid it might be what I think.

    I am being honest when I say that I can't even pick my favorites. I love every single one of them! That makes hard, I know.

    One thing I am excited about this summer is going on hikes. Silly, I know. I love them though!!

    Hope this isn't too vague. Random number generator, PICK ME!

  5. Lyss! How is it that you are so stinkin' talented. You start to make me feel bad about myself. :) j/k. But these are super cute. I loved them all but these were my favorite.

    #11: the headband
    #9: the red & white flowers
    #10: the orange flower
    #17: the blue flower

    Love you chica!

  6. Lyss! Is there anything you can't do? Really? You start to make me feel bad about myself. I love, love, love them. . .and probably even more because you made them. I think they are all adorable but here are my favorites.

    #9: red & white flowers
    #10: orange, white and blue flowers
    #11: headband
    #14: orange flower
    #17: blue flower

    Love you chica!

  7. I TOTALLY relate to the whole, I make aprons to handle stress. Something about getting a project DONE feels so good. Like you are in control of something while everything else feels out of control.

    Anyway, I also love making flower barrettes, and these rock my world. I'm supposed to list my 5 favorite, right?

    *cracks knuckles*

    I like the headband you are wearing, the light gray "pom pom" kind of one, the blue rose, the white box fold one, aaaand the white, yellow and blue cluster.

    Pick me.

  8. I follow

    aaannd I like any of the spiral roses, clusters are fun or single ones. I like any color but could really use a brown or grey.

    And I DON'T craft so I never make these kind of things.

    I'm excited for summer because I don't have to wear as much clothing. I hate clothes.

  9. I am a new follower of your blog, I adore finding new crafters :) I really am loving the: pink and white rosette clip (might be red and white, not sure from the pic) and I love the pom clips, it looks like you have a white one and a grey one!


  10. Hi Alyssa, I think they're all lovely! Anything small and pink I would love. I especially like the ones that look like chrysanthemums. My first two grandchildren are due this fall and I just know these would look fabulous on them. If they're granddaughters. ;)

  11. Uhhh.... D. All of thee above? I especially love the blue rosy flower one and the 3 red ones together. They are all darling!

    Embrace your inner homemaker, you go girl :)

  12. Hi Dancing Girl!

    You're are so creative and crafty! I love the blue grey and white headband and also the orange white and blue, and plain white flower hair pins. I love following you on your blog and think that you have the prettiest pictures :) (Wish I was as cute as you!)


  13. Call me silly but I can't figure out how to follow your, I LOVE these little guys and would love to have my girls wear them! I love the one with 3 little pink flowers, the blue one in your last picture, the one that has blue and white "roses", and the white and blue ones made from folded circles. I'm excited for summer because that's when we get to head to AZ to see my parents. Glad you have time to do some fun crafty things now that the semester is over. Hope school is going well for you!

  14. My sweet alyssa. My favorite of your lovely felt flowers would be: The orange/Grey(blue-ish, at least on my computer)/cream trio, the adorable headband your pretty head is sporting, the red and cream duo, the single cream with pearls in the middle and the red trio with pearls in the middle. And now... why I can't wait for summer... 1st I will be able to visit my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins in Colorado for 9 days! Spending time with my beeeauutiful family(on both sides) doesn't come often, so I look forward to that. ALSO.. (drum roll) I am moving to provo, ut in AUGUST! I can't wait for this new adventure and as much as I LOVE california, Utah will make for a wonderful change for me. LOVE YOU sugar


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