Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last weekend there was the first ever Contemporary Dance Theatre reunion for alumni dancers of BYU Idaho. I actually barely made the invite- I was on the very last CDT outreach before the university formed a new company called Dance Alliance. 
 (The main difference between CDT and Dance Alliance is that CDT focused on modern styles whereas Dance Alliance focuses on many different genres.)

 I have people ask a lot which company I prefer, and I'm always a little unsure on how to respond. 
Its like picking if I like my arms or legs better.
I can't decide if I prefer Dance Alliance over CDT, but I will say this: 

My first year of CDT was the absolute best environment for me to develop and nurture my understanding and love of dance. 

Something about the director- Jennifer Wadsworth, the dancers I was blessed to work with, and the movement that we took on tour- it planted within me such an intrigue and admiration for movement.

I also have to point out that most of the dancers on the touring team that year (many of which were at the reunion last weekend) served as a major inspiration for me during my undergraduate education. At the time, I'm sure they had no idea I existed. 

It's kind of funny how you can be completely star struck by someone you don't really know- and meanwhile, they think they're completely ordinary. You know?
 By the time I graduated, I'd gone on four tours (one with CDT, and three with Dance Alliance), and had a fierce desire to continue studying and pursuing movement creation and performance. 

There's no way I'd be where I am (or married to who I am for that matter) if I hadn't waltzed into the wrong audition room in January of 2005. 
And I couldn't be more grateful.

I have to say- dancing in my old studio, with my undergraduate teacher Wendy Bone was such a breath of fresh air. 

There's something about dancing on that campus that is magic. 
You can roll your eyes and say I'm silly, but its absolutely true. 

And we got to see the Dance Alliance show. 
(including choreography from Gideon and yours truly)


As always.

And when you're driving back to real life from extravadance,
its always nice to be reminded you're home.

Loving life so much today, 

ps- thank you to Karli and Justin, who let us stay with them in their lovely home. An extra BIG thank you to Karli for forcing me to watch our first tour video, for all the memories and giggles, and especially for helping me plan for big dreams to come.

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  1. Alyssa! I'm a little sad that you guys were in Rexburg and I didn't get to see you! Oh well, hope all is well with you both!


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