Wednesday, June 27, 2012

she tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party...

Just a side note- not a deep post today:

I got a kate spade bag for $55.  It normally runs for a little over $300.
 I've never spent this much on a handbag.
But I love it, and treat it like a baby. 
Its sitting on my bed right now. I never let anything sit on my bed. 

Also- I'm going to the beach in July. So I bought a swimsuit. Less than $15, thanks to a little blemish that got me a discount. Super cheap. 
(No doubt in compensation for the crazily expensive-- 
yet unbelievably clearanced-- handbag.)

And as I blog, I have another window open with some really adorable (and clearance- I swear) flip flops that I may or may not purchase depending on how much self control I have at this hour....
Time will tell. 

I don't know why- I just thought I'd share. 

...I love my bag.


  1. i pretty much demand to know where you got that bag. demand.

  2. haha you are funny! Love the swim suit!!

  3. That bag is AWESOME! I'd let it sit on my bed too if I had one. :)


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