Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What did I do today?

Today I woke up. 

Made my bed. 

Put some laundry in the washer.

Put on my tennis shoes. Went for a morning run. Came home. 

Drew a bath. Put in a bath melt (thanks to Carrie for introducing me to the store Lush). 

Got myself some pink lemonade (spiked with a little sprite) and poured it in a champagne flute. 

Stayed in the bathtub long enough to get nice and pruny as I watched three old episodes of the office (back when it was good). 

Shaved. I actually shaved.

And it isn't even eleven...

Here's to lazy lazy tuesdays, friends.


  1. How was your bath melt? I haven't tried my new one yet. What a delightful summer morning you had!

  2. Oh Alyssa, you make everyday normal things that much better! Im glad you enjoyed your Tuesday morning!


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