Thursday, July 12, 2012

and one more thing:

So the same neighbors who sold us our new entertainment center (see post below) gave us some oak floor panels that snap together. 

Gid didn't seem super interested when they offered them to us. Scratch that. He seemed very UNinterested in them. I'm guessing because he thought he'd end up doing all the work (which- to be fair- he usually does).


They were going to throw them out. 
And then I was like, "not on my watch".

And then, while Gid was at work, I gutted our bedroom, cleaned the dirty tile floor, put the wood in, put the bed, the boxsprings, the bedframe, the nightstands and the laundry baskets back and it looks about 1000% better. 

The end.

Yay for not having to worry about gross tile on my feet ever again in this apartment.


  1. it makes me want to sigh. what a difference it makes!

  2. I bet Gid was floored. Way cool.


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