Tuesday, July 10, 2012

old, but new.

Remember our apartment from this post?

Remember how its so great?

Me too.

I love our apartment. In fact, when we finished putting the last picture on the wall, I told gideon I loved it so much I'd never change a thing. He gave me a knowing smile.

He knows me pretty well I guess.

This last weekend, it just so happens that a good friend of ours was moving out of our little village of apartments, and she happened to be selling the sweetest little entertainment center (among other things) for dirt cheap. It was when I was baby-sitting her sweet little boy over at her place that I really began to want it-- not because I thought it would fit into our apartment necessarily, but because it was so darling, and I wanted it to go to a good home. (They really loved it, but because of the move, they were desperate to sell it. Hence the amazing price.)

When I got home from babysitting, I casually mentioned to gideon that our friends had a really adorable entertainment center they were selling.

He was silent, but his eyes said something along the lines of, "how could we possibly fit one more piece of furniture into this 480 square feet, alyssa??".

He was right (as always), and I knew it. All the wood in our apartment is either espresso or black. The entertainment center was a creamy color. No matchy. Also- we have like zero extra space, but I was sure if I maneuvered our furniture there would be plenty of room for a new furniture family member. I went back and forth for a few hours. For a while I'd convinced myself it would be an absolutely ridiculous investment. Sure- it was darling. Just not for us.


Or so I thought. I was sure I'd made up my mind. But the thought of the country french cream wood finding its way to a place where the owners might not appreciate its rustic charm kept haunting me. So I came up with a layout of an appropriate location for it within our humble home, and presented it to Gideon. After quizzing me on the measurements, the functionality, and the longterm plan, he went for it.

Our neighbors were pretty happy to be getting rid of it.

But not as happy as I was to welcome it to our apartment.

I know in the picture it might look a little more cramped, but its really not. I think it adds a sense of friendliness to our little home, wouldn't you say?

And even though it's not new new-- its new to us. And I sort of love it. Alot. 
What do you think, friends? Which do you like better? The old way, or the new way?
 (If you don't like it, maybe don't comment for a few weeks-- I'm still basking in the honeymoon stage of a good purchase.)


  1. I love it's country charm, and I think it really lightens up that side of the room. Good purchase! P.S. That post-great purchase feeling is the best, huh?!

  2. I LOVE that! Makes your house look more comfy/charming. Good call, Alyssa!

  3. Great addition to your living room family :)

  4. Love it! It definitely looks like it belongs, too! It brings warmth to the space, and I like how it's symmetrical with the darker wood on both sides. Also, you rearranged the photos on the wall perfectly above it so it feels proportionate. Nice job!

  5. Will you please just come decorate my home? Your living room is adorable and the contrast of the entertainment center pulls it all together, I love it!


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