Thursday, August 30, 2012

things I love today:

Today I love Boba Tea.
I love the excitement of preparing to go on a roadtrip.
I love feeling athletic just because I do that awful workout insanity. (Even though I'm pretty sure I do all the exercises wrong...)

Most of all I love when my gid slow dances with me in the kitchen.
To the song we first danced to as husband and wife. (The way you look tonight.)

I love when I know everything is going to be just fine; even though I have no idea what the future holds. Seriously- no idea.

Today I love my mom. My sister. My niece. My aunt. My best friend. All the women in my life, really. Love them. Miss them.

I love that tomorrow is new with no mistakes in it yet.

Happy Thursday, friends. I just love thursdays.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

things i hate today:

Today I hate realizing in one swift moment that there are a hundred things I'm behind on.

I hate looking at my "planner" just to discover that I have about 2% of my responsibilities actually accounted for in writing. The rest I have to try to remember, and I hate that.

I hate feeling hopeless about the possibility that maybe one day, I'll have it all together. (Pshhhhh)

I hate when I zone out during important conversations because I'm trying to remember all of the things that I'm trying to juggle.

And oooohh- I hate it when I inevitably fall a little short on one of those things. (Or feel like I'm about to, even though I don't know what it is exactly.)

I hate spazzing out in front of my husband and blubbering on about how I don't think I'm going to make it. (What does that even mean? Not going to make what? Make it to the end of the week? Make a cake? What is it that I'm not going to make? And why am I acting like a bomb will spontaneously explode if I don't make whatever it is?) I guess I just hate when I act like a prima-donna just because I'm tired and hungry.

...I hate that I've been in the same leotard since 7:45 this morning, and still haven't showered like a normal human being.

I hate feeling chubby.
Which reminds me: I hate ballet tights.

...did I mention the semester started this week?

ps- Things I love today: the text my mom sent me, the picture my sister sent me, the video my other sister sent me, laughing, dancing, sweating, eating, and finally taking off my leotard/showering. (Well- I'm about to shower. And I promise, I'm going to love it.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 weeks in 20 photos.

Mom could be a beach model. True story.

Dad's not scared of waves twice as tall as he is. True story.

And together...

They make a pretty awesome pair.

They'll probably call me as soon as they see this kissy picture and demand that I take it offline, 
so get a good look, friends!

Mel and I spent the majority of our time at the beach pretending that we were professional boogie boarders (can you even be a professional boogie boarder??). We would loudly discuss the "Honolulu Classic Invitational" that we were training for. A few people looked at us.

No one seemed impressed. True story.
This was taken right after we did a karate leap over a baby wave.
Hardcore, right?

  We went to a secret beach.

I did fancy dance moves and held extra attractive poses so Gideon would think I was super good looking. (see below)

(ps- this is actually the pose that Mimi would make spontaneously during the trip, and since I want to be just like her...)

As always, Naomi was the comic relief, the reality check, and the boss of all of us. 

Man, that girl has got some eyelashes, right?

Can you see the family resemblance? She is so my niece.

Last but not least- we think she may have spotted a shark during this photo...

Until next time.

Monday, August 13, 2012


So. My niece is darling. I'm crazy about her, and she could never do anything wrong as far as I'm concerned. She could scream at me all day, giving me nothing but poopy diapers and I'd still think she was perfect. I know I'm not objective. I realize that.

So someone tell me the truth on this: is it sort of amazing for a 16 month old to be singing the abcs/ counting to 20?


Counting to 20.
(she whispers 8 and 9, and gets mixed up around 16)

I almost forgot! While we were sitting in the pool, Mimi said a sentence (and she wasn't just repeating after us- she said it on her own)! What was the sentence you ask? "I love waden." (Waden is her word for water.) Naturally, I was trying to get her to say it the rest of the trip.

ps- melody is calling me at the very beginning because the women's gymnastics finals during the olympics was just starting.

So. I know mimi doesn't annunciate everything perfectly, but it's still pretty great, right?!

I might be wrong, but I don't think I started counting or singing till I was a lot older. Then again- I'm nothing super special when it comes to letters or numbers. (But if you need help finding a kate spade purse on sale or eating massive amounts of snow cones, I'm so your girl.)

I guess I'm just super in love with my favorite little girl, that's all...

palm trees and baby snuggles...


Its been a while. 

Sorry, I've been having a wild summer in the sun. What have I been doing, you ask? 

Everything. And nothing. 

I'll be honest: more nothing than everything. 

Gid and I have been making lots of trips to salmon to visit his family, I've been doing lots of photoshoots on the weekends, I've had a few dancy expeditions, and a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take a trip with some of my family to kauai. 

There's alot of details, so I'll just say this: my family is sort of the best.

We're not perfect. 
We're actually semi-dysfunctional most of the time. 
I think that's half the fun.

And here's a little video I put together for us to remember this trip by. 

ps- Don't you love Matt Costa, friends? Reminds me of my sophomore year in college...

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