Tuesday, October 9, 2012

fixing cinderella's dress...

So mimi is obsessed with Cinderella.

My sister tells me that she'll run over to the couch,
 delicately lift one foot and say in her little 1.5 year old voice, "and look- glass slippers." 
(pronounced "sleepouus")

(original shoes)

  They don't live by a disney store. 
But I do.

(original dress- note ugly broach)

So gid and I went to pick up a little cinderella dress for my sweet mimi.

Have you guys noticed that all the disney princess outfits have these cheap looking pins with a picture of the specific disney princess on them? Color me tacky. Sure enough- the dress and shoes gid and I  picked up came with atrocious plastic pins on them.

So I snipped them off. 

And replaced them with jewels.
(The other day mimi said one of her many complete sentence statements- 
"I love diamonds", so I thought jewels would be very appropriate for her costume. )

The more I put on, the more I had to put on.

(her little trick or treating bag $1 as opposed to the $11 version below)

By the end of the day, I'd attached 11 teardrop or emerald shaped diamond looking gems, and super glued 44 light blue rhinestones to the dress.

Little headband made easily with jewels and hot glue.

Goodness, I didn't realize how tough fixing up a little dress can be. 
(And I didn't even make it!)

It must have been much harder for those mice in the movie... 

She's going to be the cutest little cinderella ever.

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