Sunday, February 24, 2013


A story about a sweet little girl, friends:

 She was on her way to get her ears pierced. And so excited. Excited to wear all different kinds of earrings, excited to be grown up, and excited to show off her newly pierced ears to all of her friends. Once she got to the shoppe, the reality of the situation began to set in. Having needles go through her ears all of a sudden didn't seem so glamorous; it sounded like it would hurt. Nervous, but still determined to get the job done, she sat in the chair. The first pierce was horrible. It hurt, and she cried miserably. When she realized she was only half done with the procedure, she leapt out of the chair, and into her mother's arms begging to only have one ear pierced. Her mother, who hadn't been crazy about the idea of her little girl having her ears pierced in the first place, reminded her that this had been her idea, and she had to get the other ear done; or else she'd look like a pirate.

And with that, the little girl declared that she wanted to be a pirate.

I feel like that today, friends.

You know those days? The ones when you know what you should be doing, (homework, choreography, thesis research, etc.) but you've just lost the desire; at least for 24 hours? Somedays I feel like that. Except I'm already half done with grad school. I already got the first ear pierced. It would be silly if I didn't pull through and finish the other half.

...I guess we all just want to be pirates sometimes.

Now that I got that out, I'm going to finish my homework. 

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