Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a post about missing boise

I've been missing boise lately, friends. I miss everything about it. 

I miss the running on the greenbelt. 
And I never miss running. 

I miss the cute downtown that had a million darling shoppes and resturaunts that I’d explore on the weekends. I miss the people. My sweet friend paige who would make me laugh without the slightest effort. Darling libby who I adored and carefully observed so I may someday be just like her. My Courtney; THE sweetest, kindest, and most perfect girl you could imagine; the only pen pal I’ve ever been able to connect with for more than just a few letters. 

I miss the weather. Is it me, or does boise have phenomenal weather? 

Today I miss our lovely apartment with central air. 

I miss having a job that pays well that I enjoy.

I sooooo miss working for a chiropractor. Getting free treatment was pretty much the best thing ever.

Today I miss the greek café we lived right next to with the funny redhead. 

I miss the consignment stores in boise; they had the best consignment stores.

Now, Salt Lake is great. There are some great people here. I do have to say most of them have no idea how to drive and never should have been given a drivers license. 

I love the shopping; we have some darling boutiques and terrific malls like city creek. I love that the salt lake temple is the one in my district. Who would have thought when I was a kid that the picture of the castle would be the temple I’d attend regularly in graduate school? That’s sort of amazing, right? 

I like that I discovered a boba café that makes me any kind of boba drink I like. So that’s good. And I have to say, I love our ward. 

I’ve been blessed with great bishops in my life, but never have I had a bishop as rad as the one I currently have. Most loving. Least judgmental. Hilarious. Patient. Empathetic. Ever empathetic. I have some incredible friends in salt lake. Heidi, who makes me laugh so hard I have to put a huge effort into not allowing snot out my nose. Krista, who keeps me sane throughout grad school and provides me comic relief in the most desperate times. McKaye, who always always delivers when I call her for a random grocery item to borrow (tomatoes, onions, sugar, vinegar, ect.) We’ve been really lucky.

Like I said, Salt Lake is just great.

I’m just dying for boise today.

That's all. Thanks for listening.


  1. Seriously, B Knott is the best! We miss him so much.

  2. Boise misses you too. I wish we had gotten together more.

  3. For some reason I missed this post and so as I read it, I choked up and maybe let a tear or two fall because well it's just one of those days. Oh sweet friend, how I miss you so!


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