Sunday, September 22, 2013

in case you were wondering what handsome looks like...

My sweet hubs turned 29 about a week ago, friends. 

While he was working on a big paper, I quietly sneaked around the living room, decorating, wrapping his presents, and getting his birthday cheesecake ready. 

 Sweet candles, right? (They better be-- they were like $5 a piece...)

When I called Gid into the room, he looked like a kid who'd just discovered it was Christmas. So darling. He still gives me butterflies. Look at that smile. I love him when he's scruffy. That's how you know gid is stressed: check his scruff...

This birthday feels a little more significant than the others we've celebrated together. For one, its Gid's last year in his twenties. Isn't that nuts? I'm going to be married to a thirty year old! Stranger still- I'm right behind him. The other night we watched that Jennifer Garner film, "Thirteen Going on Thirty". Gid is very selective of which films (especiiaaallly girly films) he'll watch with me, but he really enjoyed it. Good flick, even by Gid standards.

Anyway, I think Gid will make such a handsome thirty something. When men get older, its not necessarily a bad thing. When I notice a wrinkle, I cringe a bit. When I see a wrinkle on Gid, all I can think is that he looks more sophisticated than ever. He should be the mayor of handsomville. 

Why does this birthday feel so different? Is it our thirties sneaking up behind us, preparing to give us a wedgie (as part of a welcome to our post twenties)? Maybe. 

I've also started to (finally) realize that this is our last year in graduate school. Maybe our last year in the education system forever (depending on what you identify as "the education system"). Next time we celebrate either of our birthdays we'll have graduated. I know it sounds silly, but it seems significant. Who knows what will be going on a year from now when gid blows out his birthday candles? I wonder where we'll live? What jobs we'll have? (Will we even HAVE jobs?!) So much to find out in this next year. 

Anyway, here's lookin' at you, kid. 

Like I said-- what a hunk. 

Good luck next week friends,


  1. You guys are growing old gracefully! Of course being such awesome dancers and friends why not?

  2. Gid is such a stud! I loved looking at these pictures, we miss both of you!

  3. The only time Gideon looks any better is when you are on his arm. You are both adorable. Oh and those candles were worth every penny.


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