Saturday, July 5, 2014

a fourth of july baking story...

We had a sweet and slow forth of july, friends. 

Slept in. Check. 
Snuggled. Check. 
Rolled out of bed, and looked for something to eat in our kitchen. Check. 

We've been out of town a lot this summer, which has resulted in a pretty skinny kitchen. There was cereal, some fruit snacks, and a couple onions in the fridge. (Okay, maybe there were a few more things, but those are the only items I remember...)

So we took a quick run to the market, and grabbed the essentials for a terrific fourth of july treat. It made for a sweet and patriotic afternoon; the perfect thing to do before taking a walk through sugarhouse and enjoying the afternoon activities and evening fireworks. A lovely fourth, though we really missed family- normally we spend this holiday with Gideon's relatives in Salmon.

Wanting to remember our delicious afternoon, we recorded a small video of our holiday fruit tart. Enjoy friends. Keep an eye out for a sparkler video next...

Wishing you all lovely memories from this fourth,

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