Thursday, July 24, 2014

sister shoot.

Most of you guys know that I have an older sister. A few days ago while we were laying out in the sweet sun she made a sheepish confession: she doesn't feel photogenic.

I couldn't believe it- coming from the girl who I've looked up to my whole. I snatched her, threw her hair into a crown braid, convinced her to put on one of my dresses and some lipstick, and grabbed my iphone.

We had a 10 minute photoshoot, and I proved to her that she is not only photogenic, but full of old hollywood glamour.

She loved them, and I loved seeing her feel good about herself in photographs. She sweetly insisted to return the favor. Now, I love being behind the camera, but when I'm in front of it, I become immediately insecure. I couldn't believe what nice pictures Mel was able to take.

Then we took a look at the photos of us in the same dress. What do you think, friends? We totally look like sisters! I've never thought that we look similar, but these photos are pretty convincing...

Now I just need to convince 
my mom to do a photoshoot with us...


  1. Gorgeous ladies! These photos capture elegance :)

  2. Elegance is the perfect word. Beautiful women. Definitely sisters - those are some good genes :)


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