Tuesday, July 1, 2014

some "ugh" things on my mind lately...

I just need to apologize for a second, friends. I say apologize, because as much as I despise it, this is a venting post.

I have stuff that needs venting. Usually I just call my sister, but today I found myself writing.

"Ugh" things on my mind lately:

1. not just saying "it sounds like you had fun!"

So gid and I went on a trip abroad recently right? Here are some conversations-- literal verbatim conversations -- we've had since returning:

*names have been altered for fun and for protection of unfortunate personality owners* 

Robby- "so I heard you two went to Paris for a few days."

Me- "we did! it was such a blast!"
Robby- "you know, you can't really see paris in three days..."
Me- "well, that's how we planned our itinerary, and we feel like we got to do quite a bit."
Robby- "did you see Versailles or Normandy?"
Me- "...no, bu..."
Robby- "NO??! Well, you didn't see anything then, did you?!"
Me- "..."

Taylor- "how did you like your hotel in venice?"
Me- "we actually stayed at a small apartment about 15 minutes outside of Venice because the hotel prices were so expensive. It was darling, it had a little..."
Taylor- ".... seriously?! Well, that's really too bad, staying in venice is the best part of visiting venice."
Me- "..."

Al- "so, how long were you guys in Europe?"
Me- "we were lucky enough to visit for 18 days."
Al- "huh. That's not a lot of time to see Europe. You know, my wife and I went last month for threee whole weeks."
Me- "..." (thinking- you know three weeks is 21 days, right??)

Janice- "Did you get to see Ireland at all?"
Me- "Well, a little bit. We had an 15 hour layover there coming and going from the states..."
Janice- "...so, you didn't see it then."
Me- "A little, I mean, we did go on one of those hop on, hop off buses that takes you around- and we were lucky that our layover was during the day from 8 am to 11pm ..."

Janice- "Yeah, but you didn't really get to seeee it in that little of time..."
Me- "...."

Is it just me, or is this obnoxious? 

Am I oversensitive? 
I might have oversensitivity syndrome...
I think the next time I travel anywhere I might just keep it to myself. Thank you to those of you who were just excited for us for having such a lovely trip, and not competitive in expressing how you've been ten more times than us, and had so much more fun than we could ever experience...

2. this whole mommywars movement
You know that girl? The one you went to church with who was hoooooorrible to everyone in high school (name calling, fat shaming, "we only wear pink on wednesdays", the whole mean girls bit)??
Well now she's a mommy, and gets her feelings hurt by mommy blog wars. I'm sorry, but I have to: my eyes are rolling. "I watched you make people cry for four years of high school, lady! Now you've found yourself in tears because some woman you've never met thinks the way she potty trains her kid is superior to yours. Get a grip."

ok, ok, sorry- that one was snarky and uncalled for.

ps-  I think when I become a mommy I'll understand better why mommywars are truly so painful. 

3. The "so, what's next" question that haunts me everywhere I turn.

Aunts/Uncles, Neighbors, Strangers: "So, what's next for you guys?"

Me- "We're both working for the University of Utah; Gid has secured a terrific full time job working in administration, and I've been commissioned for the rest of the summer semester to do a videography project. (forced smile)"

Aunts/Uncles, Neighbors, Strangers: "Yeah, but what are you going to do after that?? Like, that's not what you're actually going to do with your life, is it??"

Me- "....."

Sigh. Obviously I don't handle transition gracefully, friends. I think I'll just drown myself in bed covers. Bed covers and popsicles. Tomorrow I'll be more positive, promise. To the future! And trying not to get frazzled by people.



  1. Remember our dinner party? Maybe we should just have dinner together and I wont say any of these things. Good? ;)

  2. hahaahahahaha, anna! Yes. We can work our way up to a dinner party. ;)

  3. 1. I am so happy for your trip. And, in the past, have found myself guilty of saying obnoxious things out of jealousy. Therefore I know for a fact that these obnoxious things are said from a place of insecurity which is embarrassing for them and hurtful for you.
    2. Mommy wars do not exist. It was all created for bloggers to get clicks and likes in an effort to up numbers and get paid for their blogs that have little substance. This mean girl is crying over a battle that is only being fought by people who believe in it. Which, shockingly, only really consists of mean girls from high school.
    3. I think it would be brilliant if you responded to "but after that" with either repeating what you just said or asking what they would like you to say haha!

  4. Carrie, I love your idea for #3. I always just find myself tongue tied and weirdly apologetic, and then I go home and agonize over how I could've been less awkward. And your responses for #1 and #2 are so spot on.

    ps- will you throw my 30th birthday party if I start a kick-starter campaign to pay you the millions you deserve for your amazing parties??

  5. Personally, I have been secretly jealous that you & Gideon got to spend EIGHTEEN days in Europe!!! How awesome is that? And to do it the least expensive possible way is very smart, I think. (of course, I've been known to think differently than most people). And...as far as, 'After that...?'...Sounds like you guys are doing just fine. That is awesome that Gid has a great job, & sounds like you are doing something pretty cool too! (I get pretty sensitive about things people say, then get mad at myself for being so sensitive, but it's all ok. Sometimes I blurt out unsensitive things then feel horrible about it later--if I did that, I apologize!) We think you guys are great!!!


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