Monday, September 22, 2014


today I was tired. feeling sick. headache out the wazoo. mild fever.

today was supposed to be my day off. my day to finally start that book I bought months ago, my day to take a nice long bubble bath.

today was kind of disappointing. you know when you get your hopes up, but you don't want to, but you do anyway, and then you get bummed out? that was today a little.

today I had a rehearsal, and I didn't feel like I danced very well. I watched a recording of my improvisations, and I was right.

today wasn't my favorite day. and the week has hardly begun.

thank goodness for gid.
thank goodness for hot showers.
thank goodness I get tomorrow to start fresh.

what do you do on disappointing days, friends?
in need of some ideas…


  1. I only say this because you asked, so I hope this isn't some of that "annoying" advice. But on my disappointing days I ask myself why I'm sad or disappointed or frustrated or WHATEVER. And usually the answer is because I was feeling entitled to a perfect day. And when I think of it that way I realize how silly it is of me to think that all my days should be perfect. Especially when I already have more blessings than I deserve.

    Again, I hope I don't sound obnoxious or self righteous. I know sentiments like this can sometimes come across that way but I am being sincere :)

  2. i love your comment anna. I always fine myself feeling different when I look at bad days in hindsight. You're so right. xo


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