Wednesday, September 10, 2014

view from the top.

we went to the fair yesterday.
gid goes to check out the farm animals (simultaneously giving me a lesson in 4H culture), 
and also to eat the funnel cake.
I go for the rides and for the people watching. 
(...and obviously the food in general.) 

At the very edge of the grounds there was a tall slide that sloped up and down several times. It looked mostly not scary. But the closer we walked, the more intimidating it felt. You know what I mean? It wasn't scary-- it just felt like it might get scary once you climbed to the top and had to actually slide down it. We went back and forth on whether we should do it a few times; saying things like, "Maybe it's just for kids", and "I'm not sure I even really like slides", or "geez, it's 2 whole dollars"...

There were adults doing it. Also plenty of little kids.
Some were screaming, but most seemed happy (relieved?) when it was over.
We decided if they could handle it, we could too.

The higher we climbed, the more I pretended to not be nervous. Once we got to the top, we realized the view alone was worth the 2 bucks per person it cost.

(you can kiind of see the swirling of the slide at the bottom of the photo.)

You could see everything from here.
Why had it taken us so long to give it a shot?

We sat down on the complimentary potato bags they gave us (to add more slideyness...).
And we slid.

And I took a video while it was happening.

And gid is the cutest thing I've ever slid down a slide with.

We reached the bottom before we'd even realized we'd taken off.
(And the dumb video makes it look even shorter than it felt.)

Not scary at all.
it'll all be okay in the end I think,

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  1. I love those slides!
    And seriously, could you two get anymore adorable?! Just stop. ;)


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