Friday, October 3, 2014


gid and I celebrated our five year anniversary a few weeks ago friends.

except we didn't really celebrate (as in go out and do anything), because work has been busy for both of us. hard to get away.

the view from our window

we thought about going to vegas and seeing a show perhaps. there wasn't anything out we really wanted to see. we've tried to be "vegas people". we're just not. i don't trust that city...

we considered going to southern utah and checking out some of the national parks down there. but we couldn't find a long enough amount of time off to make it worth it.

I just decided we'd skip celebrating this year. After all- we did just go to europe. (geez, I still gotta post about a thousand pictures from that...)

then gid surprised me (like he always does). with a fun little spa weekend getaway up in midway; a cute little swiss town past park city.

we ate at darling restaurants, treated ourselves to some fudge, tried out the spa, and played mini golf. when we weren't enjoying the lovely fall weather, we snuggled in our comfy room with a king sized bed AND a TV!! (we haven't had a tv since we've been married, so when we stay in hotels I'm in heaven. it's pathetic, but Gideon tolerates it.) it was the perfect three day weekend, friends. we came home happy and rejuvenated, bringing the fall briskness with us down to the city.

and here we have a little video story of us golfing for your viewing pleasure friends. 

we were so so bad.
but we had so so much fun, so I guess that's all that matters.

hope you enjoy your friday.

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