Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Just a few (instagram) photos of our trip this summer, friends.
I'm sorry for the delay for those of you who have been asking for these for months.
I promise, there are more to come.

This one we took moments before we boarded our flight from NYC to Dublin.
(We'd been traveling since 7am that morning, been through three flights, and because one of them had been majorly delayed, we thought for sure there was no way we'd catch this flight. We were so happy when we found the plane with a three leaf clover hadn't left without us. Lucky.)

This one we took during our day in Dublin. 
Goodness, we were tired.

The view from our window in charming Luton, England (about an hour outside of London). 
We stayed here overnight with the sweetest people I've ever met in my life. 

From Luton, we took a bus into central London, 
and from there we spent a few hours getting lost in the city. 

London was Gideon's favorite. 
He couldn't get enough of the history.

The plane ride from England into France. 

…and the view (day and night) from our stay in Paris.

The tower was visible from our bedroom, the kitchen and the shower. 

The screen at the airport in France that told us our
 flight to Rome was delayed yet another hour due to the pouring rain. 

We didn't land until 1am, but when we finally got to our apartment, it was all worth it. 
Especially the view that morning.

This is my sweet Gideon with gelato in front of the iconic Trevi fountain.
While we were in Italy, we ate Gelato each meal. I'm not exaggerating. 
Gideon was sick of it after the second day. Weirdo.

After Rome, we got on an overnight train car (that we shared with two turkish students, and one drunk italian who was super excited to tell us all about elton john after he found out we were american. Gideon was sweet to keep the conversation going with him long after I fell asleep). 

Next time, we'll splurge and get our own train car. 
But the view was pretty incredible when we did wake up.

Venice was lovely, although I have to say we were exhausted and quite ready to come home. 
This one we took by the bridge of sighs.

This, the view from our Venice apartment.

You guessed it. More gelato.

The view from our plane back to America. 

The other night I sighed to Gideon and said, "Remember the time we went to Europe?"
Being silly, he said something along the lines of, 
"Europe? No, I don't remember that. When did we do that?"

I guess that means we need to go again, don't you think friends? 

That's all for today, friends! 
Hope you enjoyed.

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