Sunday, January 18, 2015

resolutions are hard.

20 days ago, I was like,
 "Bring on the new year. Bring. It. On."

"I'm going to catch up reading all of those classics I've made it 3/4 of the way through!"

"I'll finish editing all of those projects I've been working on!"

"I'll do awesome at exercising!"

"I'll totally do laundry!" 

"AND dishes!"

I was going to kill 2015 with my bare hands.
2015 was going to be MY year.

2014? It had some lovely moments, but I was ready to move on to 2015.

And then January 1st came by.

I thought, "Okay, lets finish up Les Miserables!
You've only got 100 pages left!!!"

"Lets get editing those projects!!"

"...okay, okay- let's exercise then! I won't even be too ambitious!
Let's just go on a walk every day!"

"...laundry?? ...dishes??"

The moral of the story is that resolutions are hard.
And I've been sleeping alot.

Writing this post was exhausting, and took me more time than I care to admit.

That's all.


  1. So funny with those dog photos. Worth the time it took you ;) And we are all that way with new years I think.


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