Wednesday, March 25, 2015

an update.

as i write this, i'm so hungry. so so hungry.

i sleep all the time. like, all the time. i don't shop anymore. i sleep.

i miss lunch meat more than i should.
did i even eat it before i was pregnant?
why do i want it all the time?!

i still haven't bought maternity clothes. not humble bragging. i'm confessing that i have nothing that fits me except for sweat pants and loose peplum tops. i know i should go buy something, but i feel like its all expensive and not cute. and i already don't feel cute.

i only post pictures of my belly that i think are flattering. and i always suck in, which is pretty stupid (and ineffective). i hate how i do that. like seriously, alyssa- who are you trying to impress?

i have a weird urge to go for a roller coaster ride. probably because i'm not allowed to right now (unless i want a milkshake baby), and this is as close to rebellion as i get.

gid bought me black out curtains. just when i thought i couldn't love him more.

i'm still throwing up, you guys.

i don't know why i'm procrastinating buying stuff for our nursery. our baby will be here in three months. you know it's bad when gid is pushing me to buy stuff.

i feel like netflix and hulu+ are more important to me than regular people.

my skin has never been worse. i always felt like my skin was the one thing i really had going for me.

every day i ask gid to make me a milkshake. he's so good at them and they stay down.

some days i feel like i don't really know who i am anymore, and then i wonder if i've ever known. and then i think to myself that this is a totally healthy thing to think about and i deserve some ice cream for exploring it in my brain.

i want to start playing the ukulele and guitar again, because it sounds like a sweet way to bond with my baby. but every time i think about picking up an instrument, i fall asleep.

i haven't exercised since before i found out i was pregnant.
that was over 6 months ago.
i gotta do some squats or something, y'all.
just thinking about it makes me hungry.

did i mention i'm hungry?


  1. Girl, get some maternity clothes. You will feel so good! I waited so long to get maternity clothes the first time around and once I got in clothes that fit me and my round belly I felt like a cute pregnant lady rather than a person who couldn't fit in anything.

  2. You were the cutest pregnant girl ever Carrie! Any good places to shop? I feel like I go with the intention to buy a lot and then leave empty handed. I think pregnancy has stolen my shopping ability. xo


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