Saturday, March 28, 2015


we were eating dinner one night, looking at our calendars and realized we were completely slammed till the baby's due date-- except perhaps for some potential time off in a few days. so we moved our schedules around and planned a last minute 5 day trip to the oregon coast. 

there was a quick stop in our beloved city of trees including seeing some sweet friends.
thanks again for a lovely lunch everyone! Delishdelishdelish.)
the only thing better than boise are the people who live there. 

We also stopped in portland for a bit of fun. It was weird.

the rest of our time was spent visiting astoria, seaside, cannon beach, and driving up and down the gorgeous coastline. the weather predicted rain and wind, but we got lucky on the last two days.

i can't even tell you guys how beautiful and fun it was.
we stayed at cute little bed and breakfasts, shopped at small shoppes and ate at funky restaurants.

i think the best part was how much we made each other laugh as we drove.
(there was lots of driving.) he's getting funnier and funnier.
have you guys been to the tillamook cheese factory?
gid asked me to go through the cheese tasting line twice.
he really wanted to go three times but got a little shy.
didn't want to get kicked out of a place he respected so much, i guess.

we ordered a huge amount of ice cream and the baby was kicking the whole time really hard ("whatever this stuff is mamma, keep it coming!!")

we walked along the beach and watched kids fly kites.
so fun to touch the ocean- even if i wasn't wearing a swimsuit.
 it was a pretty quick weekend, but it was the most fun we've had in a long time. 

see the bump? it's getting bigger every day!

that's all.


  1. Darn we missed you! We went to Oregon for our babymoon too with our first. So lovely!

  2. Erin, I'm so sorry we missed YOU!! I thought about sending you a text, but I knew it was very last minute, and didn't want to come across pushy or like I expected you to drop everything and come see us for the few hours we were in town for. Next time for sure. xoxo


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