Thursday, March 26, 2015

but really, i could use some help...

okay mamma friends, i need help. they say the first step is acceptance, right? does that mean the second step is reaching out for help? i'm going to pretend that it does.

i need help you guys.

i don't know what i absolutely need, versus what is a "luxury" nursery/baby item, versus what all the blogs and websites tell me i should do. pregnancy has stolen my brain and especially my gut instinct of what the heck i want.

have i mentioned i work at a little baby boutique part time lately? you'd think i'd have my crap together. i don't.

anyway, we just bought a darling crib and dresser (after months of agonizing over the which one), and i've started chipping away at bedding, which is so much harder than i thought.

this weekend i'm planning on purchasing a crib mattress, car seat, and our stroller. i have a million questions, but the one i'm struggling with the most isn't which stroller i should buy, it's which color.

advice? which color? why is this so hard??!

choice A is the black seat with the silver frame, B is the teal seat with the black frame (this is the one I'm leaning the most on) and C is black seat with black frame. i feel like black is always a safe choice, but the teal looks a bit more friendly to me. is that silly?

i'll probably have a zillion more posts on facebook or on this blog asking for more advice, but i'm too overwhelmed to try to figure out how to write them all down, and i'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

i would not be disappointed if you all left comments about all of the essential things you needed for the first year of being a mamma.....


  1. The most life-saving thing for me to have has been a comfortable rocker. I can almost sleep in mine, which is so nice when you are up every other hour.

  2. Black and silver! It's gender neutral and is classy. :)

  3. I like the happy teal :)
    And the things I needed "nice" were a good baby carrier (I like Moby wraps for newborns and Ergo's for when they're a little older), a good diaper bag that looks like a purse, and an excellent breast pump.

  4. I could make a list but most people will already talk about those things so I just want to tell you about a bobby pillow because that's something a lot of people scoff at but it's an essential for me. I nursed both my girls and yes any pillow can work but this one is the best. And you can use it to prop them up in when they are laying around or have them sleep on it ir whatever! Family and friends would even use it to hold he baby for an extended period of time while the baby slept. And is that a city select stroller? Because we have one and it is the best!!

  5. I love the teal one! Such a pretty, happy color. The things I needed for my littles ones were: a boppy pillow, a Moby wrap and a baby swing.


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