Wednesday, April 15, 2015

30 weeks.

i cropped my face out of this so you couldn't
tell how hard i was trying to suck in....
i have ten more weeks left. it sounds like a really long time.

i've hit that point in my pregnancy where complete strangers feel comfortable asking me when i'm due. i shouldn't feel weird about it, but i always am really tempted to play dumb like i don't have a 7 month baby inside of me. (what, this bump?)

we haven't bought a stroller yet because i convinced myself that i want a different one now (ahem, that costs twice as much as the one we were looking at originally...) now i'm thinking maybe i never want to buy a stroller ever.

i don't have stretch marks yet, but i can tell they're coming. maybe after teddy comes i'll throw a party mourning the beautiful smooth skin on my belly i used to have but never appreciated.

we registered for a birthing class. is that what you call it? i forget the name of it, but it cost more than i thought it would (annoying) and they encourage you to bring snacks (less annoying).

i went a whole week without throwing up. it was such a good week.

sometimes my computer is my best friend. i use it to watch tv, research weird baby facts, and wake up from naps with it next to me on the bed. gid gets annoyed/jealous sometimes. (why is there a computer where your husband is supposed to be!?) he's hid it on more than one occasion. i still like him a lot.

teddy moves like crazy lately, and he's getting bigger. i used to be able to feel him very specifically in the lower or higher part of my belly. now i feel him in both. always. he punches upstairs, kicks downstairs, and does somersaults before bedtime that throw me into weird positions, startling everyone around me. it's weird having a human in you.

i miss my family today really badly. i never in a million years thought i'd say this, but i wish we all lived on the same block in texas. we would have dinner parties, go swimming in the backyard and eat snow cones all day and it would be so so fun.

you guys, i'm starting to get nervous about the whole delivery thing. it sounds like it hurts really bad. sometimes i worry about how little i know about babies and having babies. (like for instance-- one of my co-workers was warning me about the skin in your nether-region sometimes TEARING DURING BIRTH? i almost cried. and did you know that breastfeeding is unspeakably painful at first for some mammas? and did you know that you get all puffy and swollen when the baby comes, and sometimes you STAY puffy and swollen for weeks after the delivery?? why am i hearing about this only now?!)

i think there's more stuff people want to warn me about, but they don't want to freak me out even more. i want to go to sleep, but my brain is too awake thinking about it. nightmares.

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