Friday, April 24, 2015


today i'm thinking i've gotta cut my hair.
maybe this week. okay, maybe this month.
... for sure before the baby comes.
my hair has been so weird for the past several months.

i have lots of important stuff i need to get for teddy, but all i really want are swimsuits and hats for the beach. we don't have a beach trip planned, but tiny trunks for a baby born in the summer seem essential to me.

i'm starting to think that we're never going to get into a two bedroom. and if we don't i think we're putting teddy in our closet. that's cool, right? kinda like harry potter...
we're so trendy.

i just got back from visiting my sister for 2 weeks. i'm happy to be home, but i'm super sad that i don't get to hang out with them 24/7 anymore. the morning after i left, mimi told me that she called down to me twice (since she sleeps on the top bunk and i sleep on the bottom bunk) but i wasn't there. her eyes had fat tears in them. i wanted to cry too. i hate them living on the other side of the country.

i took that glucose test (the crazy sugary drink to test if you have gestational diabetes) and finished it no problem. it kinda worried me how impressed the lab tech was, but my doc called and said that my blood is all sorts of normal. nailed it.

i think baby hiccups are sweet but they give gid the willies. every time i tell him the baby has them he rushes over and puts his hand firmly against my midsection and asks teddy if he's okay with a concerned voice. it's sweet, right?

i think i'm going to eat some cold cereal and take a nap. thursdays are the best.

and by best, i mean the sleepiest.

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