Tuesday, May 19, 2015

35 weeks.

can you believe how far we've gotten? wild.

sometimes late at night when teddy is restless i hum songs to him and he calms down. it's probably a coincidence but it makes me really like him. what a little sweetheart.

gideon did a load of laundry for me and i should've been like, "thank you, that's so sweet," but instead i was like, "terrific. now nothing will ever fit me again."

first thing i'm eating after labor is a freaking lunchable. i don't know why i never thought lunchmeat sounded good before teddy moved in.

i'm due on the 26th of june, but i keep telling myself the baby probably isn't coming until july; i have a feeling he wants to cook a little longer than the doctor says. 

i feel like i pretend to sleep at night.

when i just wrote that i realized that i'm probably having my best sleep right now for the next 2 years. dangit.

i'm 5 pounds over the maximum that i thought i'd gain. whatever. cupcakes for everyone. i'm tired of apologizing to myself lately.

sometimes i wish netflix would just assume that  "YES I DO want to watch the next episode, and please don't make me get up to confirm."

this week we put up the crib. we're putting the car seat in. i'm packing my hospital bag. i feel like it's really going to happen, and at the same time feel like there's no way it's ever happening.

my back aches constantly. if gid randomly told me today that he wanted to become a chiropractor i'd be all for it.

i haven't thrown up in over a week you guys. 35 weeks must be my charm. i don't care, i'll take it! i love not throwing up so much.

can everyone send good vibes that a 2 bedroom will open up in our apartment complex? the odds are slim to none but i'm determined to be optimistic.

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