Thursday, May 28, 2015

packing the hospital bag.

i finally went to target and picked up some things for the hospital. i still haven't picked out a "diaper bag", but i'm not worried. i feel like i have about ten thousand bags right now and if for some reason i don't purchase one that i can officially call my diaper bag, it'll all work out just fine. 

this take home outfit for teddy makes my heart melt. i just know he's going to blow out all over it 2 minutes before we leave the hospital, but i still like him. bamboo swaddles- one of our top sellers at babinskis, and i've heard feel you can never have enough. i have friends who've recommended essential oils for relaxation, so i added those in as well. the rest of the things i picked up were mostly toiletries; facial wipes, lip balm, travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash. toothpaste and tooth brush. threw in the camera and some candies and grabbed a soft oversized maxi dress that i'm okay with getting ruined. i'm thinking about buying this robe off etsy, because it's cute. i also put in a nice towel and pillow from home.

anything i'm missing friends? i feel like i've bought a lot, but i also feel like there's a million things i probably have forgotten... 


  1. Sounds good! So um, we might be stealing your name... You haven't said if Teddy's the official choice yet, but I sorta fell in love with it. Is that weird, bloggy friend?

  2. !!!! we could have matching baby names !!!!!! i'd love it if you stole it, even though we have no idea what we're naming our little guy. :) xo


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