Thursday, May 7, 2015

shadow puppet story.

while i was visiting, every morning she'd climb down from the top bunk and snuggle in bed with me before enthusiastically suggesting we go get breakfast. one morning we used light from my cell phone and shapes from our hands to make shadows on the wall and ceiling.

she loved it so much, so i got some card stock, scissors and found some sticks from a cake pop kit that hadn't been used. i looked up some silhouette images online, traced them, cut them out, and after taking these pictures we even added tulle to the skirts. (if you watch the video closely you can tell)

...and that's how you make the core cast of a shadow puppet ballet company.

hoping we could remember how much fun we had, i insisted that we set up the camera and try to document. it was a different setting than we normally used, and the lighting was pretty bad, but we still had fun.

spoiler alert: the best part is mimi's ending bow.
the rest is just okay. her bow makes it worth watching.

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